Over the last 12 years I have made many different types and designs of salt and pepper mills, these are the latest and all have the crush grind mechanisms witch can be adjusted to your own taste.

This set is made from English box with African Black wood beads they stand 11 inches tall.

This set was made to represent the King and Queen of a chess set,
not every one can turn a matching set of salt and pepper mills so that
is why I designed these, they dont have to match but are still a pair.

Another chess set made in purple heart these stand 8.5 and 9 inches tall.

The two sets together show how striking the different woods can look together and were made to be admired on the same table.

A second set but this time made in Goncalo Alves and African Black
wood and again stand 11 inches tall.

Could not decide witch would look best the dark or light wood with the African Black Wood beads that,s the reason for the two sets, they were made for a competition and sent in both sets as I could not decide.