These apples are made in Yew root but can be made in lots of other different types of wood and are the size of your average apple.

## Gavel and block these can be made in various timbers.

## Singapore ball made in Box wood, this is not my design but one of those things I had to have a go at making.

Pair of candle sticks made in Maccassar Ebony,They were made for the axminster woodturning competition and won there category.
the wood itself cost nearly 100.

A small selection of salt and pepper mills that I make, the tall ones are 18 inches high and were made for a restaurant, down to the smaller set standing 9 inches high and these are made in English Walnut.
They contain the crush grind mechanism that is fully adjustable for a fine or coarse grind. I also make sets with the traditional Cole and Mason mechanism.